True Blood – The Final Season

ImageYes, I know this is an author’s blog. Yes, I know that I don’t usually – ever — write my thoughts for particular episodes of a television show. But, True Blood, though it is irreparably flawed, holds a special place in my heart.

You see, True Blood was the reason I finally stopped talking about writing and actually started to tap my words into a laptop. Strange, right? I will never truly understand why it was the catalyst that got me to write. I’m just glad it happened.

So, for this final season, I will pay my own strange homage to the show, and tap out my thoughts. I hope to hear from others about what you think of the episodes and the show in general.

Episode 1 – Jesus Gonna Be Here

(Oh, just so we’re all clear….there will be spoilers throughout. I’m not going to do a play-by-play of the episode, just the things that struck me. )

We begin where we left off last season, at Bellefleur’s Bar & Grill. Does anyone else hate that the writers changed the name to Bellefleur’s. It will always be Merlotte’s to me. If you remember, way back when, the series pretty much started at Merlotte’s. (Yes, I know we had that scene with the college students, but that was more a prologue to get us in the right frame of mind.) The camera, acting as us, walking through the humid nightscape of Merlotte’s parking lot and eventually taking us inside. I find it fitting that we are starting the first episode of the final season in the same place.

Immediately Bill wants to protect Sookie, be her vampire, because the Hep-V vampires are coming and only a vampire can protect a human. And only a human can feed a vampire. Why? Because the TruBlood supply has been tainted, and is no longer a viable food source. So the one thing that pushed the vamps out of the shadows is now gone, and humans and vampires need to work together. Hmmm, we’ll see how that goes.

Alcide, obviously, is not having Bill protect Sookie. Strange to have Sookie act like she’s not involved in this decision. Just abrogating her opinion to whatever Alcide says. It’s just not the Sookie that we know. Personally, I don’t care who Sookie ends up with, or doesn’t, but I’d like it to feel plausible. Alcide, to me, has never felt like a viable candidate. And, this plays out when Sookie hears Alcide’s thoughts. How will they ever have a happy marriage with her always knowing what he’s thinking?

Lettie Mae, Tara’s twisted and manipulative mother, offers herself to Tara, as a food source. Before we can roll our eyes – haven’t we seen enough of this duo? – the infected vamps arrive. Tara, hunkered down with her mother, urges her to move so they can get to safety. Lettie Mae is having none of it and Tara goes to fight the Walking Dead(ish) vamps. Lettie Mae says, “I’m going to die.” But instead, Tara dies protecting a mother who never loved her. A mother who abused, beat, and permanently damaged her daughter. Rest in peace Tara.

Holly and Arlene are taken captive. I laughed, because who’s going to run the grill? I don’t even know how the place stays open. Sam is always gone. Sookie, does she work there anymore? It will probably fall to Lafayette to keep the doors open.

We see Holly, Arlene, and others held captive in the basement of Fangtasia. Remember when Lafayette was held down there? I’m sure throughout this season we’ll be seeing scenes that remind of us previous years. The whole full circle thing.

Alcide and Sam run off – in animal form – to chase after Holly and Arlene. Why would Alcide do this? Why wouldn’t he stay with Sookie? Seriously, what type of protection is he? And why did the infected vampires leave as suddenly as they appeared?

Pam, Eric’s child, is in Morocco, or is it Marrakesh, playing Russian roulette with a Muslim vampire. Random, but I’m going with it. I especially liked the tubs their standing in. Reminds me of wash day on the prairie or something. The Muslim – did he have a name? – is talking smack about how his God loves him. Blah, blah, blah. Pam doesn’t care. I’m wondering why we are there? Are all the patrons vampires? Why aren’t some of them infected? Apparently, Pam’s opponent is a big fan of The Deer Hunter. (First reference to Vietnam War.) He dies in a pile of goo which drops conveniently down into the tub. Well, that question got answered. Will he have forty virgins waiting for him? Why didn’t Pam feel Tara’s death? Or did she, and just didn’t give a rat’s ass. Since she won, she’s directed to another man. She gives him her winnings and a child appears. I need to watch this part again, cause I just don’t understand what’s going on. I guess the only untainted humans there are children? Why? Why are all the adults tainted? I don’t get it. Pam, who has previously stated her loathing of children. Remember the famous scene with Eric and Arlene’s children. He referred to them as ‘teacup’ humans. Anyway, Pam suddenly cares about the little ones and politely declines the offer even though it’s clear she hasn’t eaten in a long, long time. Pam’s given a piece of paper with a map, I guess, of Eric’s location. Is this in France?

My thoughts are varied with Eric, because anything goes with him. Is he in a monastery? Has he become Godric-like? Is he running a brothel? Running a taint-free blood brothel? Or is he lying in a cave somewhere smoldering. Remember, he was a toasty marshmallow on the top of an icy mountain when we saw him last.

Jessica, Bill’s child, is protecting Adilyn, Andy’s child. Andy Bellefleur is a decedent of Bill’s. It makes sense that Jessica would want to protect the last daughter of Andy. There were three, until Jessica lost her control and ate Adilyn’s sisters. I think Adilyn would be much more leery of Jessica, but she isn’t. She’s taking up Sookie’s torch of meeting fear straight on and asking if it wants a smooch. We’ll see where this goes, I generally enjoy Jessica and her search for redemption. I hope this will be interesting.

Jason and Violet…Can’t say why exactly, but I like these two together. I think of everyone on the show, Jason has been naked the most. The writers are keeping his character consistent. It’s all about the sex with Jason.

Lafayette and James are vampire and human. Lafayette has just lost Tara, his cousin. He says that he mourned her when she died the first time. Now he feels nothing. In true Lafayette fashion he needs his chemicals to deal with the current situation. James – a different actor than last year – understands and tells him about his experiences. How he was a draft dodger — Second reference to the Vietnam War — and almost beaten to death by his best friend’s father with a baseball bat after James went to offer his condolences when his friend died in the war. From the way James tells the story we understand that his dead friend was possible a lover, too. Thus, I gather Lafayette and James will find love in each other.

To me, Lafayette instead of Sookie is the cornerstone of True Blood. What would we, the viewer, do without him? He says the things we would ask. He is magnificent. I truly want to see him happy at the end of the series.

And we end this episode at church with the survivors of the night coming together to mourn, and figure out what they’re going to do. Sookie somehow didn’t get the memo that this isn’t a party, because she arrives fashionably late, and sits behind Lettie Mae and offers her condolences. Ah, Tara’s mom doesn’t disappoint. She blames Sookie for her daughter’s death. In my opinion, Lettie Mae killed her daughter over and over again throughout Tara’s life. Sookie listens to everyone thoughts and starts to leave, but instead, turns and gives us a speech. Now we know why Sookie arrived late, so she could have her Diva moment.

I’m with the townsfolk regarding Sookie. She probably has valuable information, but she isn’t anyone I’d really want to know. There is truth in their thoughts. She has put her friends and others in danger.

All things considered I think this was a good episode. I’d rather not have the random individuals that have been added to the show. When are the writer’s going to whittle down the cast? I want to focus on the people we truly care about. I want the main players to get the most screen time so that we can close out this crazy-wacky ride of a show with a satisfying click off the remote.


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