The Benefits of the Reply

When someone leaves a comment on my blog it means something to me.Hello It says the reader was moved by my words and wanted to have a conversation with me. It could be a positive or negative comment; for me that doesn’t matter. Unless, the comment is blatantly offensive, or spam, I reply back.

Why? Because to ignore comments just feels rude to me. What if you were introduced to a new acquaintance and they said nothing to you. Just stood there. You’d find that awkward and probably never talk to that person again.

That’s kind of the way I feel when I leave a thoughtful comment and never receive a response. It makes me think that they were too busy and my comment wasn’t worth their time.

The reply need not be lengthy. It just needs to keep the door open for later conversations. A commenter might make me see something in a different light. Or spark my imagination. Or give me inspiration. Who knows where replying to a comment might lead.




3 thoughts on “The Benefits of the Reply

    • Hi Atiba, Lovely to have you here. I always enjoy your blog posts. We blog to interact. If we don’t respond, then there is no interaction. Of course, spam and other such obnoxious comments, need no reply. Thanks for popping by. Enjoy your Sunday.

      • Thank you so much! As for my blog, you’ve been the first to interact with comments! Love your blog as well, enjoy the day 😀

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