True Blood – Episode Two – “I Found You”

A friendly reminder that this post will include spoilers.

We start the second episode with Eric, looking his scrumptious self. Image

Now I don’t know about you, but I feel we’ve, been there / done that, with the dream sequences. It’s obvious this is a dream and obvious the writers are giving the fans a homoerotic experience with Jason and Eric. I think the two men have loads of charisma and male beauty, but since this is the last season, and we only have ten episodes left, I’d rather have each scene be real, be thoughtful, and give us something more than one of Jason’s dream. I will say that I loved the expression on Jason’s face when he woke up. You could read his thoughts, wondering if he has gay inclinations. Jason, played by Ryan Kwanten, has amazing comedic timing.

Arlene and company are still chained to the ‘hot walker’ in the bowels of Fangtasia. Arlene recognizes one of the infected vamps as her children’s elementary school teacher. Arlene decides to identify with her capture, by interacting and reminding the vamp of human life, in hopes of being released.  

Bon Temps is reeling from the Hep-V, vampire rampage. Mayor Merlotte is trying to hold their small town together, and gives the citizens busy work, cleaning up Bellefleur’s Bar & Grill. Not sure why we’re being subjected to the sub-par acting of these new characters, but I’d rather we could just zip past this part. Weren’t we promised that the cast would be diminished? That more screen time would be given to the characters we care about?

Betty, the infected, ex-elementary, school teacher agrees to help Arlene, Holly, Jane, and Sam’s baby’s mamma. I have to mention Jane Bodehouse here. She injects some much needed levity into this depressing episode. She throws up into the slop bucket and mumbles something about how she never thought she’d die in a bar, sober. I miss the dark humor of True Blood. We need more of it.

ImageSookie, and crew – does this feel like a Scooby Doo episode – arrive in Saint Anne, after Sookie directed them to the corpse she stumbled over in episode one. Jason found the corpse’s wallet and discovered she was from Saint Anne, just two towns over from Bon Temps. Saint Alice is a ghost town. As they move through the deserted town, Sookie discovers a mass grave full of corpses. There is a heavy handed attempt to make us identify with Hurricane Katrina. FEMA, Help Us, spray painted on rooftops. Houses boarded up with warnings, etc. It didn’t work for me.

While going through the home of the deceased woman, Sookie finds her diary, detailing how she fell in love with a vampire. Much like Sookie’s own romance with Bill. This ties into a flashback of the night Sookie asked Bill to take her to Fangtasia. I find flashbacks to be a bit overused, but in this case it was refreshing to see Sookie happy and obviously in love with Bill. Alcide comforts Sookie, trying to alleviate the guilt and sorrow Sookie feels.

The citizens of Bon Temps are revolting against Mayor Merlotte’s rule. No wonder since he’s never there. Really, I don’t much care about this part of the episode.

Jessica, hiding in Andy’s attic awakes knowing that Adilyn is in danger. Does this remind anyone of Bill, all those years ago, awakening when Sookie was in distress? It’s too early for Jessica to help Adilyn. What intrigued me was Jessica’s reaction to the unhealed fang marks on her arm. It has to be her lack of feeding. Jessica has said she’d die for Adilyn, and I don’t doubt her. Is this a foreshadowing of what’s to come?

Betty, the Hep-V, vampire, has tricked her nest and is back to help Arlene and crew escape. I’m confused on the Hep-V vamps. They aren’t the zombie-like creatures I once thought. Why do they need to wake every 15 minutes? Anyway, Betty is so weak that she needs blood to get them out of there, and only the femoral artery will do… Arlene agrees, but before Betty is finished, she disintegrates into a pile of bloody goo, right between Arlene’s thighs.

Back at Sookie’s home, she’s devising a plan. I feel bad for Alcide. He’s obviously a good mate, but no match for Sookie and her ‘must be in the middle of danger’ – tendencies. We see her at Bill’s home, asking if he could still find her if she were in danger. Hmmm, what is she planning. 

ImageAnd finally, we end where we began this episode, with Eric. Pam does indeed find him in France. Two women are leaving his side. One mutters that Eric will not feed. The camera pans to him resting against a chaise. We clearly see the poisoning in his veins. Eric is infected.

I feel gutted by this. Eric is the highlight of True Blood for me. Will he die? Will Sookie figure out a way to save him? Will a cure for Hep-V be found. I hope so, I truly do.

In all, I found this a very depressing episode. I’m not sure how this will all be resolved. The show has lost that wicked spark it once possessed to meld tragedy, sexiness, mystery, and just the craziness of everyday life.

My hope is that the writer’s are laying all the groundwork for the season, and soon we’ll learn the answers to the Hep-V questions, and, most importantly of all, the fate of the characters we love so much.

Here is a preview for next week’s episode “Fire in the Hole”. Click Here







2 thoughts on “True Blood – Episode Two – “I Found You”

  1. HI! I found your blog through and I’d like to thank you for the summary of the episode. I couln’t bring myself to watch this season, but I still want to know how the show ends, so your retelling is just what I need.:) Your are so right about show missing the spark!! I was trying to watch last season, but it made me depressed, so I stopped. And now it seems that the show doesn’t have the plot at all, just some randome scenes with random characters. So disapointing..

    • Hi Maria, I’m glad you found me. I’m hoping that the episodes will pick up, that the writers are trying to lay all the groundwork needed. We’ll see. The plot is surviving the Hep-V vamps, and almost all the scenes are to that end. So that part is much better. I’ll keep you updated. Thanks for commenting.

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