True Blood, Episode Three – “Fire in the Hole”

We’re now three episodes into the final season of True Blood after last night’s airing of Episode Sookie sitting with stakeThree – “Fire in the Hole”. Some old faces appeared such as Sarah Newlin and Nan Flanagan and a few long time characters met their demise,

As always, Spoilers Abound. Turn Back if You Don’t Want to Know.

I’m going to hit upon the scenes that interested me and the thoughts I have regarding them.

Sarah, or shall we call you Noomi, Newlin is now a yoga practitioner in what looks like an exclusive studio somewhere in Los Angeles. Of course, we get the impression she is more than a student to the guru leading the class, because Sarah always latches on to the most powerful man in her vicinity.

In the Rhone Valley of France, Eric is uncharacteristically indolent and reclined on a chaise Eric infectedlooking like an opium addict. Pam wants answers. Did he infect himself on purpose? I’m wondering, why the hell she would think that? How did it happen? Pam asks if it was because of Sylvie. If you’re like me, I was staring at the screen wondering if I was watching the right show. This is the last season and we are just now hearing about this Sylvie? I’d rather know why he was naked, reading, on an iceberg. It seems, Sylvie is an old human lover who Eric seduced back in the 80s among the vines of her father’s vineyard. Flashback number one – Eric, wearing a horrible wig reminiscent of his Season 1 Barbie wig, is seducing Sylvia. Nan Flanagan appears explaining she is with the Authority and that Eric and Pam have been naughty vampires. She is there to make sure they step in line for the upcoming “outing” of the vampires and tell them about a new product called TruBlood created by the Yakimono corporation. Eric, being Eric, brushes her off and goes about his seduction, life.

Lafayette with his meticulously applied fake eyelashes is dancing around his living room when  LayfayeetJames appears at the door. Must be feeding time. I do like James with Lafayette even though he’s a new character who we really don’t know, and probably don’t care, too much about. I’m thinking this is Lafayette’s happy ending. That the two of them will be a couple, and hopefully Lafayette will finally have a partner who is worthy of him.

At Fangtasia, the infected vamps are lamenting their lack of food and the need to forage. Down below, still chained to the hot walker, Holly tries to get the ladies to chant some witch spell with her. Before we find out if it works or not, and I highly doubt it would, a vamp stomps down the stairs demanding to know which one is Harry Potter. I got a giggle out of that. Holly fesses up and is taken to be the vamps takeaway meal while they hunt. This storyline doesn’t draw me in that much.  I care about Arlene, but not so much the rest.

Bill in a tree. Yes, Bill is in a tree above Sookie, who is literally vampire bait to lure in the infected vamps. I think this is the same set used in season one when Sookie drinks Bill’s blood for the first time. I’m enjoying picking out the writer’s references to the beginning of True Blood, more than this seasons plot. As we knew she would, Sookie drank from Bill again so that he would know where she is. When he was drained last season, it took that ability from him. So now, Just in case Sookie is taken by the infected vamps, Bill will be able to find her. Those Hep-V vamps are taking their time though, so they chat, and Bill and Sookie slowly start to mend the emotional scars of their past.

We get another flashback regarding Bill’s family. How many women have played his wife? At least three, I think. Is there a reason they can’t cast the same woman? We do see a Bellefleur who was the photographer. A nice little touch.

Eric’s laissez-faire treatment of Nan Flanagan comes back to haunt him in the 80s — you guessed it, another flashback — when Nan and Yakimono henchmen reappear. They weren’t kidding about Eric falling in line with the new order. To bring their point home, Eric is forced to choose between Pam or Sylvie. Of course, he choses Pam to survive. Sylvie, we barely knew ya, is run through with a sword.

In present time, Pam is trying to pull Eric out of his malaise by explaining that infected vamps are living longer with the disease, and he shouldn’t give up. Eric isn’t having it. He is ready to die. But Pam, God love her, is not giving up, and dangles the carrot she knows he won’t be able to resist in front of his nose. Sarah Newlin is alive.

Holly, disoriented and bleeding, appears in the clearing where Bill – still in the tree – and Sookie await. The infected vamps appear and suddenly it’s a shooting match with Sam, Alcide, Andy, Jason, and company, killing the vamps while Sookie is forced to stand still while they all turn to goo around her. Needing to get the infected blood off, Sookie goes with Violet to the water and washes off. Two shots pierce the night, and Sookie immediately runs back calling Alcide’s name. He’s been shot, fatally. Poor Alcide. He was one of the most underused characters of True Blood.

Jessica offers to turn him, before it is too late, but Sookie rejects her offer, knowing he would not want that.

What I left out, because I just don’t care enough.

Mrs. Fortenberry is shot and dies.

It looks like Jason and Violet won’t last. He wants kids, and Violet wants a warrior. Makes me think that maybe Jessica and Jason will get back together, because James is clearly attracted to Lafayette. Of course, that is if Jessica survives, which I don’t think she will. It seems she isn’t feeding.

Lettie Mae is an addict. Like we didn’t know that. I have no interest in knowing anything about Lettie Mae. I am interested in Willa, who was kicked out of the Reverend’s home for fear that Lettie Mae will manipulate her again.

Noomi (Sarah Newlin) has been found by the Yakimono henchmen and the yogi instructor looses his life for her. Another man bites the dust for her.

What I think?

I’m clinging to the hope that the writers are bringing things around to Bon Temps. That Eric will get back with the rest of the gang and the storylines will merge. So far this season has been underwhelming, and a bit confusing with new characters.

What I predict.

Sookie and Adilyn’s blood will be a cure for Hep-V.

Preview of next week’s episode of True Blood, “Death Is Not The End”, HERE.

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