True Blood, Episode Five – Lost Cause

We’re now halfway through the final season of True Blood. Unfortunately, Lost Cause was not as enjoyable as Sookie and Billlast week’s episode, partly because it was weighed down with too many flash backs, and because it was a transition episode that puts behind the plot of the infected marauding vamps and pulls together new plots for the second half of the season.

This episode opens with Willa confronting Pam about how terrible a marker she and Eric have been. Willa has a point. She was created as a tool for revenge. Willa goes on to say that Tara raised her, and that if Pam hadn’t abandoned her, Tara would still be alive. Debatable. Eric intervenes. He’s tired and sick and doesn’t have the energy to argue. He explains they’re going to kill Sarah Newlin, but Willa wants no part of it. In fact, she bargains an exchange. She will tell them everything she knows about Sarah if Eric will release her. Done.

Ginger, glorious Ginger, wants to go with them to Dallas while they hunt for Amber Mills, Sarah’s sister, her vampire sister, but Eric refuses. Ginger begs, saying she’s been with them for fifteen years, and emphasizes that she’s never had sex with Eric, any type of sex…. Really, that’s a bit surprising. Before I can mull on that too long, she drops the bomb that she’s infected. Well, well. Unfortunately for Ginger, she’s kicked off the coffin and left behind.

Sookie comes home to an empty house that is full of memories of Alcide, and probably a good share of ones about Gran. Lafayette and James are there to comfort her. Lafayette tucks her into bed promising to be there when she wakes. [My hat is off to the actor who plays James. When old James left from last season, I didn’t think another could replace him. I was wrong. The new James is perfect.]

When Sleeping Beauty wakes, preparations are underway downstairs for a party. Yep, you read that right, a party. I don’t know about you, but I would not be in the mood. What isn’t mentioned is the burial of Alcide. Like, did they put him in the cemetery? Or did they do some sort of werewolf ceremony? Or what?

Lafayette works his linguistics magic and convinces Sookie that Alcide and Tara wouldn’t have wanted Sookie to be left alone this night. So this is a party to celebrate life. Sookie, expresses that she is sad, and who wouldn’t be, but reluctantly starts up the stairs to change.

Eric and Pam are at Amber Mills’ home and she’s happy to give them all the information they want regarding her sister, Sarah Newlin. It seems that Sarah was paying off Amber to keep quiet about being a happy vampire. Not the story Sarah spouted to the media about her sister being kidnapped and abused by the vamps. Are we surprised? Oh, and Amber is infected also. I think they should have called this episode “Infected” instead.

Amber informs them that her parents will be at a Republican event in Dallas tonight and Sarah is sure to be skulking nearby to get their help, since she’s on the run from the Yakuza…

Good God – more scenes with Lettie Mae. Can’t the writers let this go? I’ll be quick here, since I detest this character. She wants to go to the party. Her husband doesn’t. She drugs husband and leaves him snoozing on the sofa.

The party is in full swing at Sookie’s house. We even have product placement, an Apple computer, prominently in the center of the shot, with that woman from Community (cannot remember her name), who was also the host for that disastrous preshow last year at the beginning of the season, doing DJ duty.

Jane Bodehouse, Holly, Arlene, and Sam’s baby mamma, are at the kitchen table while Bill looks on from the family room. He’s in a contemplative mood, which means….we’ll be subjected to one of his flashbacks. Bills’ flashbacks aren’t that good. I know he had a bad patch. I know he was turned without wanting it, and had a terrible maker, but he’s like an open wound that never heals. He can’t move forward because of his past. He’s forever stuck in victim mode.

Bill is back in his time, walking in Bon Temps talking to a slave named Minus. I seem to remember in Season 1 Bill telling Gran about a slave named Minus. Does anyone else? Anyway, Minus’ master snaps his fingers and ends that conversation. The Civil War is starting and inside the Bodehouse Saloon the male residents of Bon Temps are getting fired up about it. Bill points out that the South is not prepared for war and will be defeated by the industrial machine of the North. I was reminded of Rhett Butler in Gone With The Wind, doing the exact same thing. I just found this all too much for me. Anyway, Bill is called a Yankee sympathizer.

I’m going to include flashback number two and three here, though they go later in the episode, but let’s just get them over with. Bill and his family are following Minus through the woods. Minus has a map to where there is a safe house and then they’ll take the Underground Railroad to the North. This is the second Underground Railroad reference this season. They are thwarted by Minus’ master, whose name is Charles. (The credits indicate his character name is Charles DuPont.) Charles kills Minus and Bill destroys the map instead of giving it to him. The third scene is in the Compton graveyard. Bill’s in uniform trying to comfort his wife. He doesn’t want to go to war, but doesn’t see a way out. He vows to come back to her.

The party is a veritable Peyton Place with hookups, arguments, a knife fight, betrayals, and proposals.

  • Jessica and Andy come to terms. Andy helps her to move on by telling her that he’s done with living in the past and is moving forward.
  • Andy borrows Gran’s wedding ring to propose to Holly. Andy proposes to HollyThe ring is actually Jason’s, but Violet says she doesn’t need it since Jason is hers. When she see’s the ring she says, “that’s it.” Hmmm. My guess is she’s pissed Jason hasn’t proposed to her yet.
  • Andy proposes and Holly accepts. Andy has come so far since Season 1. Not only his character, but the actor too. He looks incredibly fit and healthy.
  • Sookie looks back at Bill during the proposal. Then goes upstairs to be consoled by Arlene.
  • Jessica rebuffs James attempts to leave the party and celebrate in their own way.
  • Lafayette comforts James on the front porch swing. James and Lafayette
  • A now drunk Sookie and Arlene are joined by Keith, the vampire who saved Arlene’s life. He’s smitten with Arlene, but she is not ready, so Sookie intervenes. I’m guessing Arlene will have vampire sex soon, because everyone has to have vampire sex before the show is over, right? Thought – Arlene is infected, right? All Eric had to do was drink from the stewardess and she was infected. Arlene was fed on by a pack of infected vamps.
  • Jessica is looking for James and finds him having sex  with Lafayette in a car. Jessica immediately turns to Jason for comfort. Oh, and it might be important later, Jason rescinds James invitation.
  • Sookie and Bill have a sweet moment on the porch. It’s nice to see them friends again.
  • Lettie Mae stabs Willa with a knife to get her blood. Lafayette – what would we do without him? – gets rid of Lettie Mae and Willa’s injuries heal.
  • Sam’s Baby Mama has a meltdown about how they shouldn’t be partying.
  • Violet is listening outside the bedroom door while Jessica and Jason are having sex. Instead of confronting them, she turns away. I have a bad feeling about what a scorned Violet will do to them.

Eric and Pam are getting dressed to attend the gala. When Eric takes off his shirt, the dark veins are now on his back…the dreaded second stage of the disease.

Pam and Eric infiltrate the gala. (Yes, we get it writers – you hate Replubicans.) The best part of this episode was Eric in corporate cowboy attire. The two split up in search of Sarah’s parents.

The Yakuza show up with guns blazing. Again, we get it, you guys don’t like the Republicans, so Eric Holds Sarryyou’re shooting them all. Eric grabs Sarah moments before the Yakuza show up. He releases her to gruesomely kill the Yakuza that took his beloved Sylvie.





And finally, after a long night of boring us to tears with his flash backs, Bill takes a bath and discovers…he’s infected.Bill has disease

I’m getting the feeling everyone is infected. Is Sookie? Bill and Sookie exchanged blood. Perhaps not though, because she is part fae. Which would mean Jason might be immune. I’m still holding that somehow Sookie’s blood, or Niall, will be able to cure the vampires.

Here is a link to a preview of next week’s episode, Karma.

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