True Blood, Episode 6 – Karma

The sixth installment, Karma, of the Final Season of True Blood was full of conflict and discoveries and a Bill at mirrorlarge dose of dark humor.

Last week we were left with the image of Bill staring into the mirror. Watching his expression as he realized he was infected. I wondered how he got infected? The only logical – I know, most the time True Blood isn’t logical – explanation was Sookie infected him. Well, I was right. Jessica overhears Bill on the phone with his attorney. She knows he’s infected and calls Jason – who’s in bed with Violet –  to bring Sookie over, since it’s daylight how. It dawns on Sookie that she probably infected Bill. Remember when Sookie lured the Hep-V vamps with her blood? How she was soaked in the infected blood when they exploded around her. Though she’s been tested before, she has Jason take her to a clinic to get retested.

Bill arrives at his attorney’s office to find the waiting room overflowing with infected vampires getting their estates in order. I felt like they were sitting at the DMV. The vampires had to take a number. The receptionist, who couldn’t be bothered to look up from his book, informed Bill it would be many hours before he was seen.

At the clinic, which is intended to make us think of HIV, right down to the Silence = True Death sticker, Sookie gets her blood drawn. Jason and Sookie wait for her test results outside the Grab It Kwik. It’s nice to see places from previous seasons revisited. Grab It Kwik was in the first scene of the first episode of True Blood. Sookie is talking about how she can sense Bill. And how she’ll always have feelings for him since he was her first. Are the writers setting us up for them to get back together? Not sure yet, because almost anyone would feel a multitude of emotions from this situation.

Jason shares that he isn’t in love with Violet, that he’s, in fact, afraid of her. Not sure this is a Sookie and Jasonsurprise to anyone, as Violet chose him. He thinks he was in love with Jessica. And perhaps he is now, because he’s willing to cheat on Violet which we all know will not end well for him.




Bill finally gets into see the lawyer, Kapneck, who informs him that he can’t leave his property to bill's veinshis progeny, Jessica. That Gov. Burrell made wills drawn after one was turned into a vampire invalid. The only way Bill can leave Jessica his property is to adopt her, but that will take up to five months, and Bill does not have that much time. As he was sitting in the waiting room, the virus was spreading at an alarming rate. Perhaps it’s Sookie’s Fae blood? Or perhaps it’s karma? Who knows. Kapneck informs Bill that for $10 million dollars she’d jump him to the front of the line. Bill tries to glamour her, but Kapneck is wearing glamour proof contacts. Frustrated, desperate and enraged at her callousness, Bill kills her and the guard. Will this come back to haunt him? Was it Kapneck’s karma to be killed by Bill?

Lafayette takes Lettie Mae back to his home after stabbing Willa at the party. James is waiting for him. Damn Lettie Mae. I want more Lafayette and James. Lettie Mae persists in pleading for vampire blood to contact Tara again. James says he’ll give her blood. Lafayette decides to drink James blood also, just so he can show her that she’s just an addict looking for any excuse to get high. I got a kick out of James urging them to “Enjoy the ride.” Unfortunately, it wasn’t the ride we’d hoped for.

Stranger than strange, Lafayette’s V trip is the same as Lettie Mae’s. In fact, they are in the same trip and both see Tara on the cross talking gibberish. They take her down and Tara runs away. They follow her and end up at a home they lived in when Tara was little. Tara is digging holes in the lawn. I have no idea where this storyline is going. Before we can find out, the Reverend interrupts their trip and brings them back to reality. Lafayette tries to explain to the Reverend that Lettie Mae is telling the truth. That he too saw Tara. The Reverend is not moved, and gives Lettie Mae and ultimatum. She choses Tara.  I don’t care for Lettie Mae, but I’m deeply curious to see what the digging was all about.

Adilyn and Wade, Andy’s and Holly’s respective children, have fallen in teenage love. Andy finds them in bed having sex. He flips out and chases Wade out of his home. Holly is upset and they fight about it. I can see both sides of this fight.

Eric and Pam are taken prisoner by the Yakuza. They are chained in silver and placed in a room Eric Pam Yakuzato await the sun. Eric says, “Our first sunrise together.” Can we love these two anymore? With mere minutes left, the head Yakuza comes in asking for information about Sarah Newlin.

Sarah “Newme” Newlin slinks back to her sister’s home. Amber doesn’t want her to stay, but Sarah tells her that she has the cure, that it is inside her. She drank it when the compound was overtaken. All Amber needs to do is drink from her.

Eric and Pam bring the Yakuza, in their tuner cars – too funny – to Amber’s home. She opens the door completely cured. So Eric isn’t going to die!!!

Arlene and Holly go back to Bellefleur’s to clean up the mess. Arlene talks with Holly and encourages her to stop fighting with Andy – to work it out. I’m loving Arlene this season. I hope we see her with Keith soon.

Violet… a vampire spurned. She dresses up in uncomfortable looking lingerie for Jason. Seduces him and tells him that “he is hers, and she is his”. Not exactly what Jason wants to hear. He leaves her in bed to go to Jessica when she calls him to get Sookie for her. Jason thinks she’s asleep. Really, he should be more careful. Of course, Violet is not asleep. She’s like a spider, always waiting to strike. She throws a fit while Jason is away and, hopefully, gets out of that uncomfortable get up, and leaves a note telling Jason she is leaving him. When he reads it, he’s relieved, and thinks he’s off the hook.

Adilyn and Wade go to Fort Bellefleur to be alone. Before Andy and Holly can find them, Violet shows up. She’s sweet, concerned for Adilyn, telling them that her Fae blood will bring out the Hep-V vamps. Violet has them leave their cell phones, since Andy could track them, and the last we see of them is following Violet. Obviously, Violet wants revenge against both Jason and Jessica. How will Jessica react? Will people think Jessica did it? I doubt that. I think it’s more that Violet wants to break Jessica. Perhaps Violet will give them back if Jessica meets the true death.

Nicole – or Sam’s baby mamma – is done with Bon Temps. Yes, leave, because I don’t give a hoot about Nicole. Does anyone? I am interested in knowing if this is a way for the writers to free up Sam for Sookie. In the books, Sookie and Sam end up a couple at the end. I hope this isn’t the case, because Sam has never felt a viable choice for Sookie in True Blood.

And we end with Bill coming home, exhausted, the virus spreading at an alarming rate, and Sookie and Jessicafinding Sookie and Jessica waiting for him. It reminded me of the flashbacks last week. Of how he promised to come home to his family after the Civil War, but wasn’t able to keep that promise. Now he is coming home – to the same house he lived in as a human – to his family.



Thoughts: Will Bill make it? The virus is ripping through him like a forest fire. In order to give his property to Jessica, will he marry Sookie so she can will it to Jessica? Is vampire marriage still legal? What is going on with Tara? What is she trying to show them?

With only four more episodes the storylines must come together soon.

Check out next week’s episode One Last Time here



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