True Blood, Episode 7 – May Be The Last Time

The seventh episode of True Blood, May Be The Last Time, was a mish-mash of the Sookie running to Billsentimental, absurd, and characters who haven’t gotten much screen time over the years sprinkled in with the core cast who are all struggling with loss and how to move forward with their lives



Let’s start with Sookie and Bill. Sookie brings Dr. Ludwig to Bill in hopes that she can cure Dr. ludwighim. Dr. Ludwig is perplexed at the rapid rate of Bill’s infection. Sookie asks what we’ve all been wondering – Could it be her Fae blood? The doctor asks her what line of Fae she’s from. Sookie doesn’t know but tells her that she is a descendent of Niall. Immediately, Dr. Ludwig – who’s not a panty waist – closes up her big bag of doctoring and leaves. Perplexed, Sookie goes to the cemetery and begs Niall to come to her. He appears in her kitchen asking for spaghetti. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been very disappointed with how the writers have portrayed the Fae. They are pointless at best, and Niall did not change my opinion last night. He says he will use his magic to help Bill, but doesn’t. What he does is show Sookie Bill’s dream of when his wife, Caroline, gave birth. Niall tells her this is a miracle. That love is a miracle. This isn’t what Sookie wanted, and she asks him to leave.

Perhaps, Sookie is trying to use her love as a magic pill to cure Bill. Or, maybe, she realizes how little time she has left with Bill, and that all the crap they’ve endured together just isn’t important now. Whatever the case, a la season one, Sookie runs to him in a white nightie as the sun dips below the horizon. They make love in Bill’s home in the exact same spot –  in front of the fire – as they did for the first time seven years ago. I know this was supposed to be sweet and sad and uber romantic, but it seemed extremely contrived with the actors looking strained and concentrating hard to recreate each movement to be an exact mirror of their first time together.

Hoyt returns to Bon Temps bringing his girlfriend, Bridget, to Bellefleur’s for breakfast. Bridget Hoytis not only young and beautiful, but smart, and she seems to be completely in love with Hoyt. Arlene is thrilled to see them and calls Jason with the news. Jason is immediately attracted to Bridget, but does his best to keep his hormones in check.



After they leave, Sam sits down to have a drink with Arlene. He doesn’t know if he should leave Bon Temps and go to live with / near his unborn child. I get the feeling Sam might leave Bon Temps, and in the final episode we’ll get a glimpse of his new life with his child. This seems the only solution, because I can’t imagine Sam not being a part of his child’s life, as there is a chance the baby could be a shifter, and we know how hard Sam’s life was after his parents deserted him when he was a child.

For me, this was Arlene’s episode. She is having sexy time dreams of Keith. How much has ArleneArlene evolved since season one when she hated vampires? We see how strong Arlene is and how much others rely upon her. She knows that Bon Temps is the place where she wants to be. All the characters are dealing with choices of what their live will be in the future. Arlene knows and is at peace with it. Keith feels her sadness and joins her at Bellefleur’s. Arlene asks if he is really five hundred and fifteen years old. He takes her hand and slow dances with her. When Arlene tells him that she is infected and therefore they cannot have sex, he smiles and says that they will dance. I’m not sure why, but my jaded heart was very touched by this scene. I want to see Arlene happy, and maybe this is her happy ever after.

The stepchildren lovers, Adilyn and Wayne, are in Violet’s spider lair. It’s a lavish mansion – where I don’t know – and I’m wondering why she was living in Jason’s shabby basement. Violet takes them to a lover’s den complete with sex toys, both current and ancient. Seeing the potential young lovers in the midst of such paraphernalia made me cringe. Violet leaves them to rest and wishes them fun.

Andy and Holly are on a wild-goose chase and end up in Oklahoma at her ex-husbands lake house. They’ve called Jessica to see if she’s felt Adilyn’s fear, but she hasn’t. Andy breaks down in tears as he looks out at the serenity of the lake. Wondering why life in Bon Temps is so difficult. Wondering if he’s responsible for Adilyn running away from home. Holly tries to comfort him and says she feels – remember she’s a witch – that everything will work out.

Violet wakes the young lovers and the charade of her being a caring vampire is over. She tosses Wayne against the wall – knocking him out – and handcuffs Adilyn to the wall. Jessica feels her fear and immediately dashes off to find her. Which, of course, is exactly what Violet wants. I’m sure Violet will do some inquisition torture on Jessica. Who might just die to try and save Adilyn.

Eric, Pam and Mr. Gus come to terms regarding Sarah Newlin. After Eric kills Amber, because she wouldn’t give them Sarah’s location, Eric agrees to help find Sarah and to not kill her, yet. First Mr. Gus will create an antidote from her blood, package, and label it as NewBlood. Mr. Gus says he’ll give Eric forty-three percent of the profits. Eric will be the vampire testimonial they’ll use for marketing. Interesting… So will this be how Eric and Pam will end the season? Being partners in a huge international conglomerate?

Sarah is not fairing well. She’s delusional and being tormented by the phantoms of her past. She arrives at the abandoned Light of Day institute with the vision of Jason taunting her. He says death is coming for her, tonight. She runs inside the old church where her ex-husband, Steve, and the smarmy swammy add to her fragile emotional state.

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse – I like to think of them that way – stuffed into three tuner cars arrive at the compound bringing Sarah’s death one step closer. I’m still laughing that the president of a billion dollar corporation would ride around in tiny cars that sound like lawnmowers. Why not a nice and spacious limo? Or maybe a Suburban?

And lastly, we get just a glimpse of Lafayette and Lettie Mae digging in a yard looking for whatever Tara is leading them to.

My thoughts:

As with this whole season, the writers are reminding us of pivotal points in True Blood. They are tying up loose ends and bringing back some audience favorites one last time. I’m not sure if there will be anymore major deaths or not. I can’t imagine Bill will die, not after Sookie rekindled their love. Jessica might die, but wouldn’t it be better if Jason were to kill Violet. Or maybe, finally, being a Fae will have an upside, and Sookie and Adilyn will kill Violet. Sam, I expect will leave Bon Temps. Arlene will stay. Andy and Holly, hmmm, not sure what will happen there. Eric will be a superstar. His face plastered everywhere. Or, he’ll rethink his present course, and retreat to live in Sweden.

We’ll all have to wait and see what the next three episodes will bring.

Episode Eight – Almost Home

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