True Blood, Episode Eight – As the End Nears

Last night, we rolled into the third to last episode, As the End Nears, of True Blood, or as I’m calling this episode, To Cure of Not to Cure. As you would expect with any series in it’s final season, there were resolutions and reconciliations.

We begin with Eric finding Sarah (Noome) Newlin. Sarah, still delusional and seeing visions of Sarah and EricJason, offers herself to Eric, and friends. Eric is caught between his hatred of Sarah and needing her for the cure. It takes Pam threatening to kill herself if Eric doesn’t release Sarah to come back to his senses. You could see Eric’s loathing at having to drink her blood, but he does it, and immediately the dark veins reduce, and then completely disappear. Eric is cured.

Jason is lured to Violets lair after receiving images of Adilyn and Jessica trussed up and attached to wooden crosses. Jason, who was at Hoyt’s home with Bridget looking at his childhood photos, tries to leave immediately, but is slowed down by Bridget who doesn’t want to stay with Hoyt any longer. Hoyt, it would seem, does not want children and is not enjoying his time back in Bon Temps. Finally, Jason just takes Bridget with him and leaves her in the car with a loaded pistol in case the Hep–V infected vamps appear.

Jason enters Violet’s home which is strewn with museum quality pieces and an unusual amount of stuffed animals. It’s no surprise when Violet finds and trusses him up like the rest of her victims. Violet is primed to exact her revenge, starting with poor Wayne who she threatens “to screw his fingers off”. Ouch. I got a chuckle out of Violet telling Jason she wanted him because he’s witless and devoid of intellect.

Before things get gruesome – Violet is brandishing a red-hot penis poker at Jessica –  Hoyt walks into the torture chamber violetand shoots Violet through the heart. Bammo, like that, she’s dead, and Hoyt’s looking like John Wayne come to the rescue. This seems to be how all True Blood villains are dispatched. A lot of buildup and then in ten seconds or less, they’re dead. I was never sure why Violet’s storyline was added. Perhaps to give Jason’s character a reason to re-evaluate his choices with women? He tells this to Jessica and they both decide that their relationship should be that of friends. Smart move Jessica.

Hoyt is not the Hoyt we remember from past seasons. He’s hardened, no trace of the boy from Jessica and Hoytprevious seasons, and in control of his life. Jessica didn’t know he was in town. She’s obviously surprised and happy to see him, since he just saved her from a terrible end. She’s also clearly attracted to him, again. We learn later in the episode that Hoyt can’t sleep for thinking of her. He even brings her his untainted blood. Though his love of Jessica was glamoured from him, it would seem his attraction to Jessica is a true emotion. Will they reconnect?

Last week, we saw Lafayette and Lettie Mae doing some extensive hole digging in the yard Tara Taradirected them to. We, the viewers, are taken down memory lane to see domestic violence at it’s most disturbing. I’m not going into detail here, as I hate to see children subjected to such an environment. I’m jumping to the pertinent information. Tara directs them to a pistol – that’s what she hid – and reconciles with her mother, Lettie Mae. Tara asks for Lettie Mae to let her go, to forgive herself for the past, and to live a good life. Thus, Tara’s storyline is wrapped up. It was nice to see a happy Tara. Also, the actress has never looked lovelier.

Sookie and Bill are snuggled in bed savoring what could be their time together. Sookie and Bill Bill wants to know what Sookie is thinking of so hard. She asks why Queen Sophie-Ann wanted her. He tells Sookie it was because the Queen wanted to know if she was indeed Fae, and if so, he was to bring her back to the Queen for breeding. Gross. Bill then goes on to tell her he thought his heart was dead until he met Sookie. Blah, blah, blah. We’ve heard this from Bill for seven seasons. Tell us something new!

A knock at the door sends Sookie down to investigate. It’s Eric coming to tell her he’s healed. He doesn’t know that Bill is sick. He tells Sookie that he’ll be back the next night – it’s almost daybreak – and help Bill. Does Sookie listen? Nope, not one bit. She hops in Alcide’s work truck and beats a path to Fangtasia. She’s immediately surrounded by the Yakuza and asks to be taken to Eric. One of the guards states that she’s either very brave or very stupid. Hmm, I’ll let you decide which. Eric pretends that she’s just a fangbanger who won’t leave him alone. He trances her and sends her on her way, thus saving her from being beheaded, or whatever the Yakuza would do to her. Sookie listens to Gus Jr.’s mind and knows the cure is in the dungeon. That dungeon set gets a workout. Sookie, being Sookie, investigates and finds Sarah. Listening to her mind, she learns that Sarah’s blood is the cure.

While Sookie is hurrying back to Bom Temps, Bill is having a dream / nightmare. We see Sookie in a rocking chair with a baby in her arms. He looks down to see the baby. It is a black void.

Not knowing about Bill’s mental state, Sookie drags Bill and Jessica back to Fangtasia to take the cure. Eric and Pam, knowing their in a pickle with the Yakuza and Gus Jr., are in the dungeon ready to extract Sarah’s blood when the Scooby, and friends – Sookie, Bill, and Jessica – come through the Underground Railroad tunnel.

Happy ending, right? Oh, not so fast, this is True Blood, where logic holds no sway. Bill stalls drinking from Sarah, while upstairs the Yakuza are playing cards, or sharpening their swords, or whatever Yakuza do while waiting. So there they are, in the basement of Fangtasia like sitting ducks, while Bill – who could have voiced his decision before they got there – decides it’s his time to die, and he refuses to take the cure.

Only two more episodes to go.

Here’s a preview of True Blood’s penultimate episodes, Love Is To Die.

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