True Blood, Episode Nine – Love is To Die

Last night’s episode, Love is To Die, was packed with our beloved characters finding peace with themselves and others. All but Sookie, who is still reeling from Bill’s declaration that he will not take the cure. Though True Blood has been a sprawling web of interwoven story lines throughout the years, it has now distilled down to just the core cast.

Sam leaves Bon Temps. It doesn’t Sam seem right that Merlotte’s – now Bellefleur’s – is no longer the front yard of our favorite shifter. As one would expect, Sam packed up and departed without saying goodbye to anyone. Instead he left a beautifully writen letter for Sookie, explaining his reasons for leaving. I’m sad to see Sam go, but he made the best decision, and in that never world that the characters will inhibit after the last credits roll, I have to believe Sam and Sookie will be friends throughout the rest of their lives.

Jessica and Hoyt.  Jessica doesn’t understand Bill’s decision to die, and in her pain demands Bill release her. It’s a touching scene with Bill acknowledging she was made by him as punishment for killing Long Shadow. He goes on to say how much he loves her, and how proud he is of her, how much he’s cherished his time with her. In her grief, Jessica goes to Hoyt seeking comfort. Bridget and Hoyt are in the middle of a fight regarding Jessica. When Jessica knocks on the door, it’s the last straw, and Bridget forces Hoyt to choose between them. Hoyt chooses Jessica.

Hoyt’s memories of Jessica and Jason were glamoured from him, but their love and attraction for each other is true. Jessica explains what she did and why. That they were in love, but she was too young, and cheated on him with Jason. Who happens to show up, because Bridget called him, and immediately gets knocked out by Hoyt.

Hoyt cups Jessica’s face and asks her to tell him “the story of us”. They consummate the beginning of their new love story in a beautifully filmed sequence.

Jason and Bridget. Jason wakes up in his police cruiser with Bridget behind the wheel. She’s Bridgettaking him to the hospital, but he scoffs off the need and says they don’t work at night now anyway. Off to his home they go, but not before Jason declares there will be no sex tonight. Bridget, though clearly attracted to him, expresses she isn’t interested in sex tonight. Jason just gives her a knowing glance telling her “it needed to be said”. She is able to resist is Fae enhanced sexiness, and even engages him in telling her his secrets. Jason confesses he likes pink, and when pushed for something more deep, he says he wants children, but is afraid to have a girl because of the way he’s treated women. I think Jason has met his mate, and see little Jason’s running around in the years to come.

Arlene and Wayne. It struck me last night how much Arlene has evolved over the years. She’s been a joy to watch this season, and has become the glue that holds the denizens of Bon Temps together. She decides to open up Bellefleur’s even though there are no customers, instead laying out a long table with dinner for friends and family. Sookie is clearly unhappy, and doesn’t want to eat, but Arlene speaks with her and explains that sometimes one must will themselves to be happy. Sookie asks about her and Wayne. Arlene says they are taking it slows since she has the Hep-V, but that they care for each other, and hope the cure will come soon.

We leave this scene with everyone sitting down to enjoy each other’s company. There’s Big John – someone who hasn’t gotten a lot of lines over the years. Andy, Holly, and their kids are sitting at the table. Lafayette, looking fabulous, and James are there. It’s nice to see them all come together and we’re left with a warm feeling even though we know we won’t see many of them again.

Eric and Bill. No, they don’t declare their love for each other, but they do care for each other. Eric and BillEric is deeply moved by Bill’s declaration to not take the cure. He goes to Bill’s home, explaining that the disease affects one’s will to live. That he felt the same way Bill does. Bill tells him it is not the disease, but his desire to free Sookie from the pull she feels towards him. Eric tells Bill, “to get over himself”, but Bill explains that Sookie is attracted to their darkness just as they are attracted to her light, she cannot be free to find love and family as long as he is alive. Bill asks Eric to speak with Sookie, and convince her to see him.

I don’t understand this as a valid reason why Sookie can’t be with Bill. Personally, I’m not a fan of Bill and Sookie as a couple, but I want them to be happy. There are a so many different ways for Sookie to get pregnant. Donor sperm and AI. Or they could adopt. All I can figure is it is something deeper with Bill. That he feels she will never be truly happy or fulfilled with him.

Eric and Sookie. It’s nice to see them have a moment together. Eric convinces Sookie that she Sookie and Ericneeds to speak with Bill. That he’s doing this for her. She doesn’t understand why, but agrees. Eric takes her in his arms and flies her home. She even invites him inside, but he flies off.

Love him or hate him, Eric did a wonderful job last night. His depth of feeling for Sookie is touching and he doesn’t press his desire for her, but silently accepts that Sookie’s heart belongs to Bill.

Pam and Sarah. Remember when Pam cut and highlighted Eric’s hair way back when? Well Pamshe’s at it again. Pam can’t take Sarah’s horrible dye job a moment longer and has her foiled and ungagged in Eric’s office.  Not sure how, but I’m thinking Sarah doesn’t die at the end. Maybe her penance is to be under Pam’s control the rest of her life.






Ginger and Eric. This was my favorite scene of the night, and definitely the funniest of the Ginger and Eric  1whole series. Eric, disheartened from his talk with Sookie, strolls back into Fangtasia  to find Ginger at the bar. She admonishes him for not telling her he was healed. He immediately snaps at her, telling her he’s tired of playing a marriage counselor, and then…perhaps he feels just a small bit of Ginger’s unrequited love for him because of his for Sookie. Or perhaps, Eric is just being Eric. Whatever the case, he tells Ginger that tonight is her night to fuck him. Ginger’s face is priceless. Ginger tells Eric, again, that she is infected. He says he’s immune, as he thinks Sarah is downstairs to cure him. Eric asks where she envisioned their tryst. “The throne,” she immediately states, and he sits down allowing her to straddle him. Ginger and Eric

Eric rips off her panties. Just a note to those who haven’t seen this… both are fully clothed.




Ginger is overcome and within seconds of consummation goes into an earth shattering orgasm. Ginger and Eric 2Eric is dumbstruck as he watches her writhe and moan and slip off his lap onto the floor where she curls up on the rug and falls to sleep.





Gus, Eric, Pam, and Sarah. Gus has learned that Eric lied about Sookie Stackhouse. He has Pam truced up in a medieval looking torture device. She has silver wrapped around her neck and a giant stake hanging above her. Gus demands Eric tell him the truth. Did he tell Sookie about the cure? Eric doesn’t and Gus has one of his henchmen lower the stake. Finally, Eric admits that Sookie knows.

We’re left with Pam under peril of the truth death, and Gus and Eric in a standoff. Eric, now newly re-infected, is still powerful enough to take control of this situation. I’m not too worried about Pam and Eric surviving.

The last scene is Bill knocking on Sookie’s door.

So, I expect the last episode, Thank You, will be the resolution of Sookie and Bill’s love story.

A preview for Thank You here 

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