True Blood, Series Finale – Thank You

True Blood is now HBO history. No more will we look forward to new episodes over the hot and Finale 9 steamy months of summer. No more will Vampire Bill call out to Sookie, like Stanley to his Stella. It’s done, over, no more, put a stake in it!

Reminiscent of Season One, Bill walks into Sookie’s parlor to explain why he must die, and, more importantly, how he wants Sookie to do it. Bill asks Sookie to use all her Fae power to create the Fae Bomb within her hand and shoot it at Bill, killing him. Or as the Fae call it, The Final Kindness. He needs to know that Sookie won’t be discovered, or hunted, by vampires after he’s gone, for being a Fae. If she kills him with her magic fire ball, then she will be a plain old human, with no telepathic abilities, and no sweet smelling blood.

Sookie needs time to think. Bill leaves, back across the cemetery which separates their homes.  Sookie – life and light – on one side, and Bill – darkness and death – on the other.

Eric and Pam, as we predicted, make short work of Gus Jr. Pam gives Sarah her blood, glamouring her to run and hide and wait for Pam to find her. The dynamic duo, Eric and Pam, decide to create and market New Blood themselves. Before they can begin their climb to the peaks of corporate greed, Eric must fly to Sookie’s house. Before Gus died – in the Underground Railroad tunnel by fire – he dispatched his Yakuza to kill Sookie, since she knows about Sarah.

Sookie wakes up, hearing something and goes downstairs to peek through her curtained windows. Nothing. Eric has already killed and scooped up the tattooed henchmen and plopped them into the back of their tuner car, which has fair more room than I would have thought, and is grooving to the hideous music as he drives away. This is the closest Eric will come to Sookie in the finale.

Sookie seeks out Jason’s advice regarding what to do about Bill’s death wish. Bridget is cleaning up his kitchen and is appalled when Sookie insinuates that she and Jason have had sex. Sookie is pleasantly surprised when she reads Bridget’s mind. Bridget is telling the truth, she did not have sex with Jason, and she thinks he’s the sweetest man ever. Before Jason leaves to take Bridget to the airport, Sookie gives her blessing to the relationship.

Next stop for Sookie is the Reverend. She asks if God would care if she shot her Faeness out through her hands. She wonders if she’s some type of celestial mistake. (Yes, we get it True Blood, please stop the bludgeoning of us poor viewers.) The Reverend who truly must be a saint to deal with Lettie Mae, and the craziness of Bon Temps, says that God gave us freewill and brains for a reason. She can decide what is best for her. I hope the Pope wasn’t watching….

Jessica, with Hoyt, goes back to see Bill. She tells Bill that she doesn’t understand his decision, but she wants him to know she’ll be fine. That he doesn’t need to worry about her. Bill asks of Hoyt’s intentions – marriage plans – regarding Jessica. She is obviously surprised and embarrassed, but after a short chat, Bill explains that he never saw his daughter married, never got to walk her down the aisle, because he was made vampire.

Phone calls go ‘a flying as Hoyt and Jessica reach out to friends inviting them to a wedding. Jason is Hoyt’s best man. A nice touch. Sookie is Jessica’s maid of honor. In essence, we have a vampire and a human marrying. Which makes one wonder why Bill is so sure Sookie would not be happy with him?

The wedding is sweet, and lovely, but the most important bit is that the disease starts Finale 3to reduce Bill down to his human self. Jessica hugs him and mentions how warm he is. Bill even says he feels more human than ever. And….as Jessica and Hoyt exchange vows, Sookie can hear Bill’s thoughts. He’s thinking of how much he loves Sookie. How much he wants her to have a normal human life with husband and children and family. After Sookie hears that, the nail in Bill’s coffin is all but struck.

Pam finds Sarah hiding in a carousel ride. Sarah offers herself to Pam, saying she’d make a good vampire. You know, she probably would. Pam rejects the offer.

Sookie has a flashback, remembering Tara and her running home from school. Tara is thinking Finale 7how much she likes Jason. Of course, Sookie hears her thoughts, and Tara asks who she likes. Sookie says boys are disgusting and she doesn’t think she’ll ever love anyone, given her ability. Gran bustles in to tell Sookie to never limit herself. Note: the child who played a young Sookie is Stephen Moyer’s daughter, Lilac Emery-Haynes.


Sookie, mind made up, calls Bills. She’s made arrangements and his grave has been dug up. She’ll meet him at the gravesite at dusk. She’s dressed in black, prepared to divest herself of her Fae powers, and send the love of her life to his final death.

Bill arrives, prepared and eager, to move on. Sookie wonders about the coffin sitting at the bottom of his grave. He explains that so many Civil War soldier’s bodies never made it home, so they buried empty coffins. Sitting on top of Bill’s coffin is an old photograph of him and his daughter. Remember those flashbacks, the one with him sitting with his daughter and getting their picture taken. Not sure what all the daughter references are about. Bill opens the coffin and lays inside waiting while Sookie gets her Fae fire ball going. He waits. He waits some more. Finally, he half sits up.

Sookie cannot do it. Being Fae is a part of her. She can’t kill Bill this way. She asks if he still wants Finale 1to die? He does. Grabbing a shovel, she breaks the wooden part in two, and goes down into the grave, straddling Bill, with her wooden stake in hand. Bill wraps his hands around hers and together they slowly drive the stake through his heart. He gasps, and then his facial muscles relax, seconds before he explodes into a bloody goo. Sookie is left sitting in a coffin full of blood and gore. She’s heartbroken, but pulls herself together, climbs out, and uses her hands to push dirt over his grave. We see her walking out of the cemetery, turning to walk down the path to her home, towards the glowing dawn, and the screen blacks.

We’re jarred by an infomercial with Pam and Eric hawking New Blood. Finale 2







Charlaine Harris makes an Finaleappearance as a sound technician.




Three years later we are back at Sookie’s home. She’s very pregnant, glowing, and all that. We Finale 5see manly arms dropping a turkey into a deep fat fryer.


Jason is crawling around his house, chasing a little girl. Bridget appears with babe in arms, and another girl comes over to her Dad, Jason. So he has two girls for sure. They pile into the truck and head over to Sookie’s home.

Eric is on his throne with Fangtasia back to full capacity. In the basement, Sarah Newlin is Finale 4chained. A vampire is feeding on her. Pam counts down the seconds and tells the vampire he’s time is up. He resists and she boots him up the stairs. Pam bids Sarah goodbye. Sarah has slipped into insanity. Steve – her dead husband – is taunting her. Asking what she’s thankful for on Thanksgiving. Sarah says nothing.


Back to the front yard of Sookie’s home that is lit beautifully with Mason jars as candle lanterns. Long tables are laden with food and New Blood, family and friends sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner. Jessica and Hoyt, Holly and Andy with their children, Willa, Lettie Mae and Reverend Daniels, Jane Bodehouse, in love with someone who I don’t recognize, Arlene and Wayne, Sam, his daughter, and wife, Lafayette and James, etc.

We never see the face of Sookie’s partner, she hugs him and mouths ‘I love you’, and they all sit down to eat.

The last image of True Blood is the Thanksgiving meal with the characters still living, vampires Finale 6and humans, coming together in love and friendship





My thoughts:

I was highly disappointed in the finale. It didn’t make sense to me. Or, I’m starting to think that I’ve been watching the show thinking one thing, while all along the show was about something completely different.

Bill died to give Sookie the life she wanted. Also, he wanted her to get rid of her Fae heritage, so that she could live in peace. That didn’t happen, so she’s still vampire bait.

Who was Sookie’s man? Is he Fae? Is he human? A vampire? It will remain a mystery. I guess, it’s enough that we know Sookie loves him, and she will love her unborn child, and in some small corner of her heart, Bill will remain forever.

Eric, Pam, and Sarah Newlin, that whole arc was a waste. I’d rather have seen Eric and Ginger have sex every episode. The storyline was heartless, and I didn’t like the ending with Sarah being perpetually tortured. I didn’t like Eric sitting on his throne looking like the heartless God that Sookie met in Season One.

I would have liked Eric to be a part of Sookie’s life. To see him at the table with Sookie and friends. But…I get the feeling, and this is just me, that Eric will be guarding over Sookie throughout her life, making sure she and her family are safe. Never seen or heard by her, but always there.

This last season, and the finale especially, felt like it was written by people who were weary of writing for the show. They wanted it to be over. Way back when, Alan Ball said he’d be back to write the last episode, but he was not the writer. He did such a wonderful last episode to Six Feet Under. I was expecting him to grace this last episode with his touch, but alas, it was not to be.

Instead of all the needless Yakuzi / Sarah Newlin business, it would have been nice if they’d done small flashbacks to characters throughout the seasons of True Blood. Tiny homages to make us remember the good and the bad and the crazy.

But in the end, I will always love this show. I remember the excitement of sitting down to that first episode. Enthralled as the camera moved over the parking lot of Merlotte’s and settled on Sookie’s face. Watching her as Bill walked into a bar in the sleepy town of Bon Temps.

Finale 8

What do you think?

The last shots of True Blood  – After True Blood

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