Valentine’s Day

I think this young man wearing a kilt is adorable. I’m curious about the plants to either side of him and what they represent. Are they dandelions or cactus or a Scotland plant I don’t know. ** They are thistles. The National Flower of Scotland.

Personally, I’m not a big Valentine’s Day person, so my husband and I will probably go out to eat and then shop for window molding. Not exactly what most couples would say is romantic, but for us, it’s perfect.

However you decide to celebrate, or not, I hope it’s a wonderful day for you.

4 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day

  1. C’est très charmant -Merci pour ce coeur ! – Ce sont des chardons, emblème de l’Ecosse. – Bonne Saint Valentin ! qui peut être vue aussi comme fête de l’amitié. Au Japon, les Japonaises offrent des chocolats à leurs ami-es –

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