The Last Keeper’s Daughter Series Is Now Available

Whew! It took some doing and I’m still nervous, but The Last Keeper’s Daughter cropped-the-last-keepers-daughter-new-cover-color.jpgand The Last Guardian Rises are now available for Pre-Order on Kindle. Since my publisher closed their doors I’ve learned a lot about formatting and editing and cover art. It’s not something I would have pursued without the shove — you can read about how it came to be here  — but I’m thrilled with the results.

You’ll notice the new cover for The Last Keeper’s Daughter. I wanted something feminine, as I think of this as mainly Lily’s story. How her human world collides with the Other world, the unseen world, of vampires, and Vantors (vampire / werewolf hybrids), and magic, and all types of amazing individuals.

For The Last Guardian Rises I decided to buy the cover rights. I’m curious to The Last Guardian Risessee if the new cover for The Last Keeper’s Daughter will increase readership. I see you out there squinting. Yes, people do judge books by their cover.

More information about The Last Keeper’s Daughter Series can be found here.

For the readers who’ve already pre-ordered – Yes! and Thank You! – The Last Keeper’s Daughter will be available this Friday, April 10th and The Last Guardian Rises, Monday, April 13th.

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