Outlander, Episode Fourteen – The Search

Last night’s episode of The Search had the feel of a Western movie. At any moment, I expected John Wayne to stroll out wearing a kilt. Now wouldn’t that be funny? It didn’t happen.

How many times has Jamie rescued Claire? I forget, but Claire isn’t one to forget and she’s determined to rescue him from the redcoats. There was a scene with Ian sitting in the chair and the women were scurrying around him preparing to go. It was hard to see him unable to help them. His wooden leg was taken and his arm is injured. It’s something we’ve come to expect with Outlander, that the gender roles get flipped around, and it’s the womenfolk who are saddling up and riding off to rescue a man.

Jenny’s tracking skills lead them to the ambush site littered with dead. They find wagon tracks and follow them until they find the redcoat’s camp. Jamie is not there. They watch while a courier is dispatched and decide to follow him and see if they can find out the whereabouts of Jamie. Jenny pretends to be a damsel in distress and the two women capture the courier at gun points. Claire asks him where Jamie is, but gets no information. Jenny, not having the luxury of time – remember she has a newborn baby at home – immediately heats up an iron in the fire and shows the poor courier his fate if he doesn’t answer the question. He doesn’t and Jenny doesn’t hesitate to take the hot iron to his bare foot. Claire remembers the message given to the courier and hunts around for the bag he put it in. Just before she breaks the seal to the message the man warns them not to open it. After they’ve done so he continues in a quiet voice to say that they’ll be hanged for it.

Jamie escaped. The two women are joyous, but still no closer to finding him. Jenny says he’ll go north. jenny Their happiness is tempered by their captive. What to do with him? Jenny is prepared to kill him, but Claire balks. They argue. In the end, neither kill him as Murtagh appears and stabs the man dead.

Jenny must get back to her baby girl and packs up to return to Lallybroch. Murtagh wants to send Claire packing as well, but she isn’t having it. Here is where the story gets a bit long and fluffy and screams of filler. Murtagh devises a plan to pull Jamie out of hiding. They’ll travel through every village, Claire will do her healing thing and tell fortunes while Murtagh dances. They hope word of mouth will spread that a Sassanach healer is traveling through towns and flush out Jamie.

In a flash of inspiration, Murtagh decides that Claire should dress up as a man and sing a bawdy song. GetupReluctantly, she does. Word of mouth spreads, but not how they intended. A group of gypsies steal their act and takes off in a different direction. Now there are two doing the same thing. Not good. Claire confronts the gypsy and pays him almost all their money to stop. Murtagh, rightly so, is peeved. He knows she’s just thrown good money after bad.

When they ride to the ocean, they’ve gone as far north as possible. Both are frustrated from – what seems Claire like – months on the road. They snap at each other. Claire, not knowing much about Murtagh, says he can’t understand what it is to lose someone. He tells her about the love of his life who didn’t feel the same way about him. He killed a boar and fashioned the tusks into bracelets. Ahhhh! Jenny gave those bracelets to Claire. So Murtagh loved Jenny and Jamie’s mother and is devoted to the family as if they were his.

The three people Jamie loves the most – Jennie, Murtagh, and Claire – have learned to respect and accept each other. Each bound by their devotion and love for Jamie.

Defeated, tired, but determined to continue until they find Jamie, Murtagh and Claire are at an inn. The gypsy is there. He says for a price he’ll give them the message. So Jamie did find them, just not the right “them”. Claire won’t be fooled again and refuses to pay him. He relents and tells them where to go. Jubilant that they’ve finally found Jamie, Claire goes running into the building calling his name. Dougal answers her call. I’d really hoped to have one scene of Jamie in this episode. Dougal led them here. Jamie has been captured and is set to hang. He might be dead already.

Claire turns to leave. Dougal tells her it’s pointless. She can’t save him. Then he proposes marriage. Really? He’s always had a thing for Claire, remember the “grinding you corn” comment. I’ve always loved that. Anyway, he’s convinced that Jamie, if not already dead, will be soon, and Claire will need a protector. He also wants the lands of Lallybroch. More land equals more power equals Dougal being laird one day. I don’t get the writing on this, because if Dougal is this conniving, then why doesn’t he arrange for his Colum’s death. No one expects the man to live much longer. That seems to me what Dougal would do.

Claire realizing that Dougal’s affection / ambition could be useful agrees to marry him if she can’t save Jamie. It’s a cunning move on her part. If Jamie dies she’ll go back through the stones. They shake hands on the agreement.

We’re left with the scene of the ragtag group of rescuers viewing Wentworth prison from a distance. It’s huge. How will they rescue Jamie?

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