My Wattpad Stories

Happy New Year!

I’m so thankful it’s 2019.

My goal this year is to finish two books. Each week I’ll load a chapter into Wattpad. It will help me with accountability as it’s far too easy to get wrapped up in everyday life and push writing aside.

Link to Wattpad – The Machine

The first book is Proctor’s story (working title The Machine). If you’ve read Secrets In Our Scars, you’ll know who Proctor is. Though other’s would label him a psychopath or a sociopath, I don’t think he is. Or maybe, he’s a hybrid or an as yet unclassified personality. Anyway, I wanted to see what would happen if he fell in love, or as close to that emotion as he can get.

Link to Wattpad – Book Three – The Last Keeper’s Daughter series

This is the last book in The Last Keeper’s Daughter series. Book Three (no idea what the title will be) has been on hold for far too long. I was halfway through writing when my publisher closed their doors. Then I had to wait a period of time before publishing. By then I was chin deep in writing Secrets In Our Scars.

These books are both drafts and will evolve as the process moves forward.

Looking forward to seeing your comments.

2 thoughts on “My Wattpad Stories

  1. I can’t access the last keepers daughter on wattpad. It says its missing

    1. Hi Shelby, Unfortunately, I didn’t receive any feedback, which was part of the reason to put the first draft online. And, I had an issue with the work being used in other places. So, after much thought I had to take it down.

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