Hello and welcome to my site which I think of as a sneak peek into my mind. I guess I should introduce Rebecca Trogner Picturemyself. I’m Rebecca Trogner, reader, writer, and sometime reviewer of print and media.

Like everyone else I juggle my interests with my responsibilities and hope to have fun along the way. I didn’t start out to be a self-published author – oh, I see you rolling your eyes – but that’s what I’ve become. You can read about how it came to be here.

Currently, I’m writing the last book in The Last Keeper’s Daughter Series. Krieger and Lily are being a tad difficult right now, but soon the conclusion to their story will be set in print.

I’m consumed with the story of Jamie and Claire from the wonderful Outlander books. Recaps, photos and episode reviews are here.

If you’ve read The Last Guardian Rises and want to know more about the Best Little Doggie in the World I’ve posted my homage to him here.

Pinterest is one of my favorite sites. Come on over and peruse my boards. Feel free to pin as much as you like.

Soon I’ll be posting about my home remodeling adventures.

And most of all, thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoy your time on my site.


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