The Last Keeper’s Daughter Series

I started writing The Last Keeper’s Daughter midway through the first season of True Blood. The HBO cropped-the-last-keepers-daughter-new-cover-color.jpgseries inspired by Charlaine Harris’ books. Who knows why and how the spark of inspiration happens, but I’m glad it did.

The Last Keeper’s Daughter has many characters. Some vampire, some Other, and some just regular humans. I tried to make it grounded in the real world with storylines that seem plausible. Let me know if I’ve accomplished that, or not.

Lily is a young woman born into a wealthy, eccentric family. She lives in Middleburg, Virginia – an actual place – and suffers from a mental malady that no physician can diagnose.

Krieger is an ancient vampire with no interest in the human world. That is until he meets Lily. He gives her sanctuary and protection in his kingdom.

The Last Guardian Rises takes up right where The Last Keeper’s Daughter left off.

Krieger and Lily are The Last Guardian Risesnavigating the waters of their unusual and difficult relationship.

Merlin is struggling with the dark magic moving through his body.

Dale Hunter works to unravel the mystery of the dark power which threatens the human world.

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      • I don’t use wettpad so me personally I would prefer Amazon, but I would get wettpad just to have this book. This is one of my favorites

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