The Last Keeper’s Daughter

Lily Ayres is a naive, young woman from a wealthy family in Virginia. She lives quietly, rarely speaks, and is described by locals as odd. Before her father, Walter, departs for Europe he introduces Lily to a mysterious man named Krieger Barnes.

Walter begs Krieger to claim Lily if anything should happen to him. Krieger is not inclined to grant the request but agrees to meet her. She is extraordinary. Krieger is over a thousand years old and has never encountered a creature like her. Her scent is intoxicating and arouses feelings he thought long lost to him. 

Lily is uncharacteristically at ease in Krieger’s presence. She listens as he explains her father’s role as Keeper. How the oldest male of each generation of Ayres has served Krieger, the Vampire King of North America. She is intrigued and unafraid and finds herself drawn to him.

When Walter is murdered in England, Krieger comes for Lily and with the help of Merlin and the Other World, they uncover the magical and horrific secrets of Lily. 

Rebecca Trogner has created a universe to rival those of Elizabeth Kostova and Deborah Harkness as she mixes a spicy blend of myth, mysterious and romance to the tale of Lily and Krieger. The story continues in book two, The Last Guardian Rises.

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